This is why you're Phat
The CamPanulas
Released First Quarter: Upcoming (Delayed)
Second Quarter: Upcoming (TBA)
Third Quarter: Upcoming (TBA)
Forth Quarter: Upcoming
Full: Upcoming (TBA)

This is why you're Phat is the planned 4th full-length album by The CamPanulas. The intention is to release it in four sets of three songs each, i.e. each quarter as it is completed. A quarter of the album cover will be bundled with each release, and there is also the possibility of a small game which would also feature the player becoming upgraded with each new download. The first release was due in January, 2010, however due to Life with Lamarr it was delayed. With Life with Lamarr's hiatus following it's Fourth Book it is believed that it will be completed. Although there will only be three songs in each quarter (for a grand total of 12), there will also be one 'bonus' track of some kind included with each quarter as well.

The album was intended be the first CamPanulas set that will be entirely guitar-only. The sole exception to this, due to necessity, are the drums. This was because Co wanted to see how far, sound wise, he and his guitar could be stretched with no back-up. Currently Co has found himself stuck with the guitar-only as it has "robbed [him] of about 80% of [his] CamPanula vocab" and is considering doing it in the traditional style.

As of October 2010 the album is apparently being worked on, and it has been announced that it will be released under a new, as-of-yet unrevealed artist name. However in November it was revealed it would still be CamPanulas as Co's wife, Jean, refused to let him change it having become attached to the name.


First Quarter: This is why you're PhatEdit


(These songs were originally announced for Part 1 but have been dropped or possibly will be dropped as of September, 2010.)

Second Quarter: This is why you're PhatterEdit


Third Quarter: This is why you're PhattestEdit


Fourth Quarter: You can't see your PheetEdit


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