The Plummeting of Mr. Pingu
Dubbed era, Episode Eighteen
Series Pingu Parody Party
Length 1:10
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
Link YouTube
Pingu Parody Party Episode guide
Shadow Demons
Merciless Torture

A dub of the Pingu episode: Pingu Makes a Big Splash.


Pingu's friends are trying to get him to jump off a very high cliff into a lake. Pingu refuses to do so because he doesn't think the idea is 'very lulzy'.

Pingu's dad shows up and tells Pingu to jump. Eventually, Pingu gives in to the peer pressure and jumps - only to smash into the frozen lake.


Fonzie <(This Wiki needs work, get to it you rapscallions!) (Yes sir!)> Cunningham

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