The Headcrab King
Book One, Episode Thirteen
Lwl ep013
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 25th February 2009
Length 14 Panels
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
Link Life with Lamarr
Life with Lamarr Episode guide
Lamarr in a Stew
Calhoun the Hors D'oeuvre


Barney is dragged deep underground by headcrabs and tied to a post along with fellow prisoner Xavier Ben Dibble-Redshirt. Xavier reveals he was captured while on a mission to uncover some mysterious goings-on that turn out to be the work of none other than Arne Magnusson, the self-styled 'Headcrab King'. Magnusson, seemingly somewhat off his rocker, wearing a golden saucepan on his head and carrying a road sign, is extremely agitated at the mention of Kleiner's name. He appears to hold Kleiner responsible for the loss of his sanity, and claims to have invented a new kind of death-ray which is housed in a soda can. Xavier mocks this briefly before Magnusson disintegrates him with it.

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: I say, the poor chap got disintegrated! That's a bit of a blow - still, it could be worse. He could have had to put up with my old war wound. It aches something awful in wet weather, donchaknow!


  • When Magnusson is recalling Kleiner's hated 'good advice', all of Kleiner's pearls of wisdom sound uncannily similar to those uttered by Dr Kawashima during his 'Brain Training' game on the Nintendo DS.

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