Billy and the Bullsquids Sings! The Breen Eaten Blues
Artist Life with Lamarr
Length 2:09
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The song featured in Book One Epilogue.


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Good afternoon, City Seventeen! If you've been watching the Breencasts today, you will have seen that our beloved administrator, Doctor Wallace Breen got eaten by a T-Rex just a couple of hours ago!
Me and Trisha here just now wrote a song about our much missed overlord, goes a little something like this!

Now Doctor Breen, he ruled the world
He kept us in our place
'Till one day he met a T-Rex
That bit him in the face

And yeah that dino ate him up
He's in the monster's belly
Which means no more do we have to see
Breenie on the telly

So Doc where are the Combine now?
Do you think they'll get you out?
No no, whoa oh, I don't think so

Back to Earth do you think they'll come
To pull you out the monster's bum?
No no, whoa oh, I don't think so

Doctor Breen it seems to me
That once again the kids are free
Free from You
Free from Them
Don't want them back here again

Tho' your fiancé was kind of hot
You didn't know what you had got
She's as we
She's also free
The world was crap and you're to blame

But now you're boned!
Now you're boned!
Now you, now you,
Now you're boned!
Now you're boned!
Now you're... boned?

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