Song ~TEN~
Artist The CamPanulas
Album The White Albumen
Length 2:12
Songs on The White Albumen
The White Albumen
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  10. Song ~TEN~
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  12. Milkshake

A teacher with dekaphilia sings a song encouraging the kids to worship the number ten.


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Meanwhile, a song for the little ones...

Hello Children, I'm going to sing you a song about my favourite number, if you know the words you can sing along, in fact, it's mandatory!

Lets all give thanks for the number ten
It's higher then nine but less than eleven

But the holy number you know
A number with so much to show
So lets all give thanks for the number ten
That's right, you know it

Lets all give praise for the number ten
It fits very nicely in the metric system
And the metric system by chance
Originated in France
But nevertheless lets all give thanks for the number ten

Come on children, sing along!
Damn you, you know what's good for you don't you children? Come on!

Oh we're cooking now
Yes play those kazoos

On your knees and worship number ten
This wonderful set of digits is your friend
No matter what you do
Ten is watching you
And that includes in the bathroom even when you've locked the door
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

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