Episode Thirty-Four
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


(Ah! What could be nicer than a stroll around the grounds of Château Fonzarelli?)>FonzieCunningham
(Wait - what's that noisome creature?)>FonzieCunningham<(It's just a snail, Fonzie)
(Snail? Does it pay rent? Is it employed?)>FonzieCunningham<(No Fonzie - it's just a wild creature)
(I'll show it wild, Cunningham! Have it put to death immediately!)>FonzieCunningham<(What? What for?)
(For the capital crime of displeasing the Fonz!)>Fonzie
Cunningham <(Fine.) {**SNAIL CRUSHING STOMP**}
(So perish all that defy Arthur Fonzarelli!)>FonzieCunningham <(Aw, look at that - I'd have put shoes on this morning if I'd known)

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