Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
First appearance Shark
Appearances Twisted Fonzie Theatre

The Sharks are a small group of carnivorous fish who appear to have no trouble living outside of water or speaking English. The first shark to appear in Twisted Fonzie Theater claimed to be the very same fish that Fonzie jumped over whilst water-skiing in an infamous episode of Happy Days, and he also claimed to hold a grudge against the Fonz as this stunt completely ruined the shark's television career. The irony here of course, is that public opinion long ago decided that the shark-jumping incident marked the point where Happy Days began to swiftly decline in quality and even led to the invention of the phrase "Jumping the Shark", this being used to point out the specific moment where any kind of entertainment started to go badly downhill.

In a later episode, Peril, we see there are several sharks plotting against the Fonz as the first was a member of an acting shark's union. They are also involved with Jim Varney, who joins in the plotting despite not really having any reason to do so. However, as Varney is famously infantile of mind such sneaky customers as the Sharks would have had little trouble getting him 'on side'.

Nothing has been heard of the Sharks since that episode, but it is safe to assume they still thirst for vengeance against the Fonz.

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