Episode Eight
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


Cunningham<(You have a visitor, Fonzie) (Ah! My manicurist. SHOW HER IN!)>Fonzie
Cunningham<(I don't think...)    (No! You don't! I'd noticed! Now OBEY THE FONZ!)>Fonzie
Shark<(((RAAAAARRRHHHHGGHHH!!!)))        Fonzie<(!)
Shark   Fonzie<(Have we met?)
Shark<(Just the once, Fonzarelli - but it was enough for you to DESTROY my SCREEN CAREER!)
Fonzie<(Pish. That interests me not. Cunningham! Show this broken thespian the door!)
Shark<(I warn you Fonzarelli - you have made powerful enemies! We sharks have a union, you know!)
Fonzie<(Unions! It would take more than a collection of Communists to bring down the Fonz! I laugh at you! Ah-Ha!)
Cunningham<(You have to leave now, Mister Fish) Shark<(Fine!)
Fonzie<(Showed him, eh what Cunningham!) Cunningham<(He ate your car on the way out)

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