Semi-Ecstatic Meanderings of a Community Gone Haywire
Semi-Ecstatic Meanderings of a Community Gone Haywire
Released 2008
Length 58:57
Excruciatingly Brief Segments of Amassed Consciousness: Music for People With No Attention Sp

A compilation album featuring songs from various members of the Illemonati.


  1. Just Like Leeroy Jenkins by The CamPanulas
  2. Diversion by dMb Music
  3. What is this Nerdery? by Dan Plus Add
  4. Imaginary People by Juttman
  5. S.O.L.V.E.N.T. by Mr. Fish
  6. ScientLOLojyuuichi by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  7. I Suck At Songwriting by Incompetentia
  8. Lullabye to Nightmares by The Guckenheimer Sauerkraut Band
  9. We Love The Sunbeam by Exploding Jellyfish
  10. Chocolate Rain by RazorBeamz
  11. Clikclokt by Red Alien
  12. Love Song by Dave Sutter
  13. Thursdays by Luna Ray
  14. Clouds (Illemonati Demo) by NaN
  15. The Last Few Days by Cody Robertson
  16. Green Fork by Flitzkraw
  17. Walk by el Horsto

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