Episode Thirty-Nine
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Release date 11th February 2010
Created by Co McPhee
Link Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


~Jealousy~ Fonzie
Cunningham<(I've finished the dishes, Fonzie) Fonzie<(Spare me your life story, Cunningham! Do you know what Perkins is doing now?)
(No)>Cunningham     Fonzie<(He is building himself a swimming pool! *I* want a swimming pool!)
(Fonzie, we just can't afford that right now!)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(What if we make it a combined birthday AND Christmas present?) (Sorry, no!)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(FINE, you slack-jawed lickspittle! YOU'LL have to MAKE ONE!) (Me?!)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(How hard can it be, Cunningham! It is merely a hole with water in!) (I'm sure there's more to it than...)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(However, it MUST be FINER than Perkins'! Hence - you must dig it out entirely by hand...)
Fonzie<(With this TEASPOON!) Cunningham<(Shock Fonzie, I can't! It would take years!)
Fonzie<(You contradict yourself, Cunningham! First you say you can't, then in the same breath admit you can!)
Cunningham<(Yes, if I spend the next 30 years on it!) (Well, how old are you now?)>Fonzie
Cunningham<(er -well, I guess I'm still a wholesome American Teenager) (Precisely!)>Fonzie
Cunningham<(Come to that... I've been a wholesome American Teenager these last 40 years...) Fonzie
Cunningham<(Wait a minute...!) (Dangerous thinking Cunningham - dangerous thinking!)>Fonzie

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