Pogo Dirtwad
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
Started December, 2004
No. of Albums 1
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Pogo Dirtwad was Co's alias when he began re-writing little punk songs, although the original reason for Pogo's existence was due to experiments with stop-motion filming, using an Action Man wearing a jacket from a Captain Scarlet figure. One animated film was made, featuring a song no more than 30 seconds long called Animals are my Friends, and I eat my Friends. This film was uploaded to only one site and, in one of Co's signature moves, has long since been lost.

More songs were made however, most notably Yoshi, a Message for You (a parody of Clash song title Rudi, A Message for You). Yoshi was Pogo Dirtwad's most popular song, eventually earning itself a 'Gold Disc' award on and finding its way into animations, games and videos by other people.

Although one album was compiled called Pogo Dirtwad's Aural Catastrophe Co lost interest with the character after that point, and wanted to follow a less comedy and slightly more mature route. To this end he created the extremely short-lived one-man band project Sodium Poppy and worked on the same principle a little more to come up with The CamPanulas.

To possibility of another Pogo Dirtwad song has never been ruled out, and a modern remake of Yoshi, A Message for You is certainly greatly overdue.


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