Pingu the Tosser
Dubbed era, Episode Fourteen
Series Pingu Parody Party
Release date 12 December, 2008
Length 1:39
Created by Co McPhee
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The first episode of the dubbed era, it is a dub of the Pingu episode: Pingu's Pancakes.


Pingu and Pinga's Mother attempts to teach the two how to make pancakes, however Pinga's fear of them and Pingu's douchebaginess turn the attempt into a disaster.


Mother: Come on, put some effort in, move or something.
Pingu: Yeah that's what Dad says to you every night. *laugh* Yeah that's right.
Mother: I don't care what he says I don't do the- Hey!
(Pingu rapidly stirs the mixture)
Pingu: For the lulz! For the lulz! For the lulz! For the lulz! For the lulz! For the lulz!
Mother: Stop it you little psychos!
Pingu: Ah Mama, did we do bad?
Mother: Oh why did I have you two? I could've had two perfectly good periods instead of being pregnant with you two.
(Mother is now cooking)
Mother: *Singing to herself* Oh, oh, let your body move to the music, hmm hmm. OK children pay attention, I'm going to show you how to toss something properly.
Pingu: Oooh, Dad will be glad you learnt that one at last *laugh*. OK Mama show us what you've got, bring it on.
Mother: Well pay attention and come out of that seizure and I'll show you. Here, it's not hard, here Pinga, you have first go because you're less retarded.
Pinga: No Mama I fear the pancake. I fear it, I fear it!
Pingu: OK my turn, my turn, my turn!
Mother: Your turn douchebag. See what you can do.
Pingu: Oh yeah, I'll show you what I'm doing, I'm the man with the pan.
(Pingu attempts to flip the pancake but flings it onto the roof)
Pingu: Oh. *looks up* Holy hell! It didn't come down Mama!
Mother: Oh for Christ's sake, my Artex! I just don't know how I didn't see it coming. Oh well I tell you what I'll do, I'll make another one, because the laws of probability state there is no way you can make a big dick out of this as well. Here we go see.
Pingu: My turn, my turn, my turn!
Pinga: Is Pingu epic fail Mama?
Pingu: Screw you Pinga! Here we go, I'm gonna do this.
(Flings the pancake into the window)
Pingu: Whoa! Opps *laugh*.
Mother: No Pingu, no, stop laughing I told you there's nothing clever about being a dickhead.
(Cuts to Pinga standing surrounded by pancakes, one lands on her head)
Pinga: It burns!