Episode Fourty-One
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Release date 13th February 2010
Created by Co McPhee
Link Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


(Husband! You will take-um squaw to Laura Ashley. Need new drapes for great teepee)>Olsen Fonzie<(Mad)
(Oh why can't you leave me alone? And why can't you spend your money on something worthwhile?)>Fonzie
Olsen<(Worthumwhile?) (Yes! Useful! Like yellow-cake uranium or nerve gas)>Fonzie
(What would Great Bear Fonzie do with this cake?)>Olsen Fonzie<(Do? Use it - to CONQUER!)
(Conquer what?)>Olsen Fonzie<(The WORLD, imbecile!)
(Then what?)>Olsen Fonzie<(I'm sorry?)
(Then what you do after?)>Olsen
(Well?)>Olsen Fonzie<(I'd - I'd have Laura Ashley declared an illegal organisation for a start!)
Fonzie<(I'd have everyone who ever worked there hunted down like dogs! HA HA! HA HA HA!) Olsen<(Sad)
~ Sad Wandering Off ~ Olsen
SuitcaseOlsen (Mary-Kate! Where are you going?)>Cunningham
SuitcaseOlsen<(Me leave Fonz. He is not the warrior that Mary-Kate thought he was)Cunningham
SuitcaseOlsen<(Mary-Kate thought him strong - and noble! Wise! And Pure!)Cunningham
SuitcaseOlsen<(But turns out he just big megalomaniac twisted son of bitch)Cunningham
(Mary-Kate, that's not fair! Fonzie isn't any of those things! He's - )>Cunningham
( ....)>Cunningham
SuitcaseOlsen CunninghamSuitcase

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