Odessa Cubbage
Cubbage says
Series Life with Lamarr
First appearance Window Pain
Appearances Book One: The Headcrab King
Book Three: Land Sakes
Book Four: The House of Longfigger

A man of all sorts who has various odd jobs, despite this many main characters don't seem to recognise him on various encounters. He was first seen doing window repairs but eventually moved on to narration, he was later seen doing window repairs with This One with whom he had formed a partnership.

Character HistoryEdit

Little is known of Cubbage's history within the Life with Lamarr universe, except that which he has revealed himself via his comments box. He currently has a wife called Elise and a daughter called Ermintrude. There have been one or two allusions to his spending time in jail due to a penchant for exhibitionism and he appears to have a sort of love-hate relationship with Vortiguants in general and This One in particular. He speaks in an exaggerated World-War 1 RAF type of way.

In the comic, it appears Cubbage can turn his hand to just about anything. He has been seen selling tickets, driving trains, twice as a glazier and once working for the Combine in an administrative post as a Vocational Guidance Councillor. Despite the fact that he has come across Barney and Kleiner many times before, neither he nor they show any recognition towards each other, although Barney is intended to refer to this by mentioning that Cubbage looks 'familiar' sometime in the future.

This conceit came about due to the lack of diversity in the ragdolls available. As many of the default citizens now have a recognisable face and role (i.e. Melanie Land, Peter Orniphobe, etc.) Co decided very early on in the strip that there should be one man who would be the strip's 'extra', filling in where required for small 'speaking' parts such as bus conductor, waiter, newspaper vendor and so on. Cubbage seemed the perfect choice.


  • It was originally intended that along with whatever role Cubbage was playing, the name on the back of his jacket would change from its original logo of 'SECURITY' to 'GLAZIER', 'WAITER' or whatever. Co somehow never got around to this extremely simple bit of texture-editing, but intends to in the future.
  • Cubbage, along with his friend 'This One' are due to appear in a G-Mod video sometime next year, in a sort of sitcom written and voiced by Andrew Kepple.

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