Placeholder person
Series Life with Lamarr
First appearance Deus Ex Headcrabima
Appearances Book One: The Headcrab King

Character HistoryEdit

Noodles was a fast headcrab, raised from a fast headcrablet by Arne Magnusson. He was a distinctive green, due to his diet of cabbages and green jell-o (in Life with Lamarr, headcrabs can change colour according to their diet, rather like Flamingos - this was also seen when Lamarr changed colour after eating the HHH-bomb core).

Magnusson used Noodles as a kind of personal guard, and also trained him in the two-sword Nitō-ryu style of fighting. Noodles appears to have been a last line of defence between Magnusson and the other headcrabs rather than outsiders, whom he rightfully distrusted.

Noodles met his end at the hands of Barney Calhoun.

Book One: The Headcrab KingEdit

After Barney is rescued from Mr. Nibbles by Lamarr, the two are making their escape from the sewers only to be confronted by Noodles with his two Katana swords. Barney tells Lamarr that he will take Noodles on, but is cut-off in mid sentence by a flying kick to the jaw from Noodles. Noodles is about to finish Barney off with his swords, but Lamarr blocks the swords with a plank of wood which they stick into, and then sends Noodles flying with a blow from the same piece of wood.

Lamarr levers a sword from the plank and with a mighty battle-squwerk leaps upon Noodles, who dodges, retrieves his other sword and a short swordfight ensues which ends with Noodles downing Lamarr with another kick. Noodles raises his sword to kill the supine Lamarr but is suddenly backstabbed by Barney Calhoun, bringing his short career to an end.


  • To further distinguish him from the other headcrabs, Noodles originally had a white cross on his back and the edge of it can be seen in the last panel of Deus ex Headcrabima and the first panel of There can be Only One. However, it vanished suddenly and several poses had been captured before Co noticed. It was decided to accept this glitch rather than repeat all the fairly difficult headcrab-fight poses.
  • Noodles was named after Co's Mum's Siamese cat.

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