Cast mitchum
Series Life with Lamarr
First appearance Deserted
Appearances Book Three: Land Sakes

Mitchum is a bad-tempered houndeye owned by Melanie Land. Being unusually ill-humoured even by houndeye standards, Mitchum made an excellent guard-hound for Melanie's farm, removing all threats with the use of his sonic attack. Lamarr took a liking to Mitchum for some unknown reason, and attempted many times to win the houndeye's friendship by bringing presents (such as a dead crow), attempting to communicate and even pulls a glass shard from Mitchum's paw. All of these ended with Lamarr being sent flying at high speed after another sonic attack.

Finally even Mitchum succumbed to the love when Barney and Kleiner were (briefly) reunited in friendship and became Lamarr's best friend - even to the extent when Kleiner announced he was walking out on Barney and Melanie, Lamarr chose to stay with Mitchum rather than accompany her owner.

Although Mitchum has not appeared since the end of Book Three, Melanie has referred to him and he is still alive and well guarding her pumpkin farm.


  • Mitchum is of course named after Robert Mitchum the actor. When designing the character, Co wanted the houndeye to have a 'tough guy' name to reflect his personality and considered other names such as 'Norris' and 'Diesel' before settling on Mitchum.
  • The model for Mitchum is from the beta version of Half-Life 2. Originally houndeyes were going to appear in the game but didn't make it to the final cut. Therefore Mitchum's model, although coming from Valve software themselves is somewhat unfinished and difficult to pose.

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