Due to Pingu being copyrighted by HiT Entertainment they have on various occasions submitted copyright complaints against Pingu Parody Party. This combined with Co's habit of not having back-ups has caused many of his videos to become lost.

Almost all except one, of the original subbed videos survives and only about half of the dubbed videos.

Lost episodesEdit

Subbed eraEdit

No. Title Details
2 Takin' Pictures Unknown, most likely a dub of Pingu The Photographer.
3 Mocking the Afflicted Parody Unknown
4 Big and Bouncy Unknwwn
5 Boxing Pingana Unknown
6 Unknown Unknown
7 Don't Slap my Pingu Up "Pingu's mum slapped him one after being a bitch to him for ten minutes" - Co
8 Pushers of the Corn Unknown
9 Unknown Unknown
10 Unknown Unknown
11 Unknown Unknown
12 Vegus Nerves Unknown
13 Domestic Hiss(y fit) Unknown

Dubbed eraEdit

No. Title Details
16 Penguins are Strange One of the few videos not removed due to HiT Entertainment but rather a Music copyright claim.
22 Pingu's Rocket Sauce
23 Pingu's Nightmare
24 Abandonment Issues
25 Pingu Comes but Once a Year
26 Jealous Much?
27 Raising a Stink

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