Episode Thirty
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
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(Please cheer up, Fonzie!)>Cunningham ((NO!!))>Fonzie
(We only wanted...)>Cunningham (I'll NEVER forgive you Cunningham - NEVER!!)>Fonzie
Fonzie<(Imagine... I walked into my bedroom - and there! On my bed! Two old men - )
Cunningham Fonzie<(Devil take it, let's not THINK of it! I had my mouth open and everything!)
(We just wanted to...)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Damn you, Cunningham! DAMN YOU! YOU'RE FIRED!)
(What???? )>Cunningham Fonzie<(You heard me, you laughable little man! OUT!)
(Where will I go?)>Cunningham Fonzie<(That interests me not!)
(On your way to the YMCA, put this advert into the newsagent's window...)>Fonzie
('Fonzarelli seeks new PA. Good rates of pay')>Fonzie
(How come *I* never got paid?)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Your mother sold you to me - legally!)

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