Mary-Kate Olsen
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
First appearance Mate
Appearances Twisted Fonzie Theatre

Mary-Kate Olsen is one of the famous Olsen twins, and was picked for the role of Fonzie's would-be mate on the grounds that she is supposedly cute but in fact looks rather scary. Arriving at Fonzie's castle uninvited, she claimed to have come from a great distance to be his wife in an inexplicable Hollywood-version American Indian accent.

Refusing to take no for an answer she soon settled in and began to redecorate the castle without permission, much to Fonzie's chagrin. Although she has yet to 'receive the seed of The Fonz, the mighty warrior with the strength of many bears', she awaits him every night in her bedchamber, and for his part the Fonz now appears to at least tolerate her presence - possibly hoping to get his hands on some of her fabulous wealth.

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