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Main charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

Recurring or one-off characters listed by order of introduction.

Book One: The Headcrab KingEdit

  • Xavier Ben Dibble-Redshirt - Worked for a small detective agency, was later killed with lasers.
  • Mr. Nibbles - A T-Rex clone created by Arne Magnusson, however due to the age of the DNA he suffers from various genetic diseases.
  • Noodles - A headcrab raised by Magnusson himself to serve as his body guard, is green due to a diet of cabbages and lime Jell-o, is also skilled with Katanas.
  • Billy Bullsquid - Street musician to the people of City 17, likes to sing protest songs about Dr. Breen.

Book Two: The Free Children's CommuneEdit

  • Brother Peaches - A member of the Free Children's Commune, is a leader in time of crisis.
  • Sparkle Cow - Peaches' "main babe", knows how to handle bazookas.
  • Brother Bluebell - A member of the Children's commune who has a slight ghetto accent.
  • Dog - Alyx's faithful companion, still in his early stages he is nothing but a waffle shooting toaster.
  • Gordon Freeman - Legendary hero and physicist, went into a coma when he consumed some Triple-H hash.
  • Slim Pickles - A gag character, who only ever speaks the same line: "Best Breencast EVER!"

Book Three: Land SakesEdit

  • Mitchum - A bad-tempered Houndeye belonging to Melanie Land.
  • Jango - One of Obadiah's cronies
  • Ned Land - Melanie's adulterous Irish husband.
  • Bazza and Gazza - A pair of Combine officers who were originally from New Zealand but talk in an Australian accent.
  • Schnorbert G. Willikers - City 17's unusually-nosed oddity.

Book Four: The House of LongfiggerEdit

Book Five: El Headcrab GiganteEdit

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