Episode Fourteen
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


Al<(Groeten Fonzie!) Fonzie<(Cunningham! Why is this dullard still here?) Cunningham
FonzieCunningham<(Sorry Fonzie, I'll get him removed) Al<(Ik zou graag zien dat je probeert je homoseksuele!)
(Have you worked out what that rigmarole he's speaking means yet?)>Fonzie Al Cunningham (It's Dutch)>
Fonzie<(Oh, and YOU'RE still here! WHY?) (I can speak Dutch)>
Fonzie<(Really. Well tell him to get out! He's eaten all the scones) (OK)>
<(Al, de Fonz zou willen dat u naar huis) (Testikels!)>Al
<(What?) Al<(vertellen hem dat hij kan kiss mijn billen!)
Fonzie<(Well?) (Bad news, Fonzie)>
(He's Dutch with TOURETTE'S SYNDROME!)>
Fonzie<(Well tell him to fuck off then!) (Can do!)>

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