Episode Thirty-Three
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


Fonzie<Cunningham! Attend me at once, if you value your freckled hide!) (Yes, the Fonz?)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(Some costermonger sold the Fonz this animal yesterday, claiming it was a kitty) (I understand, Sir!)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(Silence, Cunningham! Now explain; why is the brute devoid of hair?) (Say what now?)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(I was in discussion with our landlady, and she disputed it was a kitty as it has no fur) (Well... no, Fonzie. This is a rock)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(What DO you mean?) (This isn't a cat Fonzie, it's a pebble from the shores of yonder lake Fonzarelli)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(Oh, is that so? Then would you care to explain why there are no less than 5 poops in the creature's litter tray?) (I can't!)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(There! You see, it IS a cat Mr. Clever!) (Oh no, wait - actually those are mine. Thought that was MY litter tray. My bad)>Cunningham

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