Judith Mossman
Lwl ep010
Series Life with Lamarr
First appearance Enter Mossman
Appearances Book One: The Headcrab King
Book Two: The Free Children's Commune
Book Three: Land Sakes
Book Four: The House of Longfigger
Book Five: El Headcrab Gigante

Character HistoryEdit

In Life with Lamarr, Mossman is presented very much as a pantomime dame sort of character, ditzy, forgetful and fond of inserting faux pas into the conversation. She had been believed to have been engaged to Wallace Breen for an unspecified amount of time, although it seems to have been for quite a while and usually seems to have no thoughts in her head beyond the next melon recipe.

Why Breen was engaged to her at all was previously a mystery. He finds Mossman's physical presence extremely irksome and aside from an incident where he made love to her on a national Breencast while under the influence of Quaaludes, avoids her company as much as he can. Mossman for her part treats Breen with a kind of nagging, patronising tenderness and appears deaf to all his insults.

However, once or twice she has alluded to an 'agreement' that exists between herself and Breen, and very occasionally has mysteriously dropped out of character when faced with a particular situation. This suggests there is more going on in Mossman's head than may at first meet the eye.

In Book 4, it is revealed that Mossman is Breen's mother, and "wife". Mossman was trying to keep this a secret.