Hugh Chube
Placeholder person
Series Life with Lamarr
First appearance Kleiner Lucks Out, Barney's Luck's Out
Appearances Book Four: The House of Longfigger

A man obsessed hunting the copyright violating Pingu Man and wears a shirt with his name on it in the form of a familiar logo.

Character HistoryEdit

Book Four: The House of LongfiggerEdit

Found hiding in the ruins of the old apartment by Barney he was hunting a man dressed as Pingu claiming it was violating copyright.


  • The character's name is a play on YouTube, hence his obsession with copyright. His hunting of the Pingu Man is a reference to the copyright violation claim against Pingu Parody Party which resulted in Co's account being deleted.
  • Hugh's Model is a reskin of Father Grigori. Co wanted someone who looked shifty and corpulent.

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