Headcrab Lost
Book Two, Episode Fifty-nine
Lwl ep059
Series Life with Lamarr
Release date 11 June, 2009
Length 20 Panels
Created by Chris Urquhart
Link Life with Lamarr
Chris' GMod Comic
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Over 9,000!
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Camping Is(n't) A Legitimate Strategy
Combine's Remorse

Headcrab Lost is a guest comic which serves as the 59th Life with Lamarr strip and the 101st episode of Chris' GMod Comic.


Dr. Kleiner has become the proud owner of a new research facility (purchased from an estate agent who looks and sounds like that creepy guy who follows Freeman around). With Lamarr in tow exploring his new base of (explosive) operations, Kleiner finds a car. Lamarr wastes no time in clambering into the driver's seat.

Kleiner warns Lamarr to be careful, but unfortunately, she presses the accelerator and shoots off up the ramp the car was conveniently parked on. And plummets to her doom.

Shellshocked, Kleiner makes his way to the burning wreckage and begins to mourn the passing of his beloved pet.

While mourning, he hears a faint 'sqweeeeerrrkkkk' and then a thud. He soon realises it is Lamarr. Thinking she died from the fall, Kleiner laments on the fact she didn't burn to death.

Suddenly, with a massive 'SQWERK', Lamarr leaps into Kleiner's arms. Although he is ecstatic she is alive, Kleiner scolds Lamarr for scaring him like that, and the two of them leave via teleporter. The car explodes seconds later.

Kleiner tells Lamarr "That's enough adventures for one day" (to which Lamarr responds 'sqwerk?!'). His attention is then caught by a massive sign in the corner of the complex. Upon reading it, he is stunned to discover that it's an advert for Life With Lamarr.

Cubbage CommentEdit

Cubbage says Cubbage says: Chris who? Who the devil's that? And why do I have to sit down here in this bally box all day? I get very little screen time in this blasted comic - I fought in the war you know! I'd like to see more people DEMANDING MORE CUBBAGE! Not much to ask. Then maybe my wife would get off my back with all that go-and-get-a-job nonsense, what!


  • The map used in this comic was gm_lwl_plummet, created by Co McPhee.
  • After making this comic, Chris realised that a flying tyre would have been funny in the panel where the car explodes (although all the reader sees is 'KA-BOOM!').
  • The inspiration for this comic was the advert in the map.
  • This comic took just under an hour to pose and assemble.
  • There is one Easter Egg in this comic. When you first see the car, zoom in on the rear end of it. Notice the warning labels.
  • In Episode 102 of Chris' GMod Comic, Dr. Kleiner can still be seen staring at the billboard in a Combine Soldier's flashback. Chris did that for both the lulz, and to see how many people could figure out why he was there.

Kliener as he appears in Episode 102 of Chris' GMod Comic.

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