Gazzer the dog is the long-time mascot of Hertfordshire newspaper The Hemel Hempstead and Tring Gazette. During October 2009, Co noticed the lack of any cartoon strip within it and contacted the editor offering his services. Thanks to serendipity the paper had just decided to re-launch Gazzer and give his club (Gazzer's gang) more space and content in the paper. This consisted mostly of puzzles, a short greeting from Gazzer himself, pictures of pets in need of rehousing and anything contributed by Gazzer's readership.

The editor accepted Co's offer on the strength of an example cartoon that Co now accepts was complete rubbish. Having not really put pen to paper for several years, his drawing skills were extremely rusty. Co also had great difficulty trying to adapt his mode of humour to a three or four-panel format, which he had always avoided hitherto.

Nonetheless, the editor was happy enough with the cartoon that he requested Co to draw a buffer of 5 or 6 of them and Gazzer appeared in print for the first time on Wednesday the 4th of November. On the strength of one cartoon, Co was then asked by a local charity to sit on the panel of judges for a mascot competition, as well as other small contributions to the paper as a whole.

The strip now appears every Wednesday. It does not appear in the order that the cartoons were sent in, as the editor selects whichever cartoon happens to be most appropriate for the week. As a result the style of the strips that do appear has been inconsistent so far as Co is still working on the design of the character and Gazzer has progressed from his original form.

Gazzer, being designed for those aged between 6 - 14 is rather different from anything else that Co has made so far. The common link it does share with Life with Lamarr is that both comics use the same font and style of emphasis.

Gazzer 05

Gazzer meets Silas the Rat

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