Episode Seven
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


Cunningham<(Lucy? Lucy, where are you?)   Fonzie
Cunningham    Fonzie<(What ails you Cunningham? You babble! There is no-one of that name here!)
Cunningham<(Fonzie, Lucy is my best friend...)
(And what about me pray? And WHOM is 'Lucy' anyway?)>Fonzie
Cunningham<(She's a housefly. And we love each other) Fonzie<(What!)
Fonzie<(Don't you know those things go around anywhere and carry disease?)
(No different from all your girlfriends then, Fonzie :( )>Cunningham Fonzie<(Touche, Cunningham!)
.<(buzzzzzz) Cunningham<(Lucy! There you are!) Fonzie~Jealous Seeth
buzzz *SPLAT*Fonzie<(Look what accidentally happened!) Cunningham<( :o )
Fonzie<(Steady, Cunningham - your fly is undone!) Cunningham<( :o )
Fonzie<(LULZ) Cunningham<(thinks: this isn't over...)

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