Fizziks Enjinn
Fe cover
The CamPanulas
Released 21st July, 2009
The White Albumen

Fizziks Enjinn is the third CamPanulas album, replacing the cancelled HTTP://. It is the first set not to feature any 'suggested' song titles, although Dollar Store was inspired by a post made by ShoeSmut.

Generally, "Fizziks Enjin's" songs are designed to sound as 'live' as is possible by a one-man band. Unlike previous CamPanula albums, a real bass guitar is used on every song with the exception of the title track which is an industrial-sounding instrumental. Vocal harmonies are often used throughout the set, even on the extremely grungy "Where did Sally go?"

Co's green cat-sticker adorned semi-acoustic guitar also takes center stage on the album. Other instruments used are a Yamaha acoustic and a violin with electric pick-up (albeit in an extremely basic manner) on "Cuttlefish Jam".


  1. Test Subject Session Alpha
  2. Everybody Loves to Laugh Out Loud
  3. Test Subject Session Beta
  4. Dollar Store
  5. Test Subject Session Gamma
  6. The /b/allad of Pear Chan
  7. Test Subject Session Delta
  8. Where did Sally go?
  9. Test Subject Session Epsilon
  10. Remedial Science
  11. Test Subject Session Zeta
  12. Insomniamarama
  13. Test Subject Session Eta
  14. Fizziks Enjinn
  15. Test Subject Session Theta
  16. Cousin Squeaky
  17. Test Subject Session Iota
  18. Derp Derp Derp
  19. Test Subject Session Kappa
  20. Cuttlefish Jam
  21. Test Subject Session Lambda

Bonus TracksEdit

  1. Mindy Theme
  2. Cybersp0nge
  3. Dance Studio

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