Episode Nine
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


Cunningham<(OK, what do you want?) (We wanna cut you in on some action, Richie!)>Shark
(The Fonz is all washed up - got screwy since he got his knighthood)>Shark
Cunningham<(He isn't the same as he used to be...) (Damn straight, homeslice!)>Shark
Shark<(All you gotta do is leave his back door unlocked tonight - we'll do the rest)
Cunningham<(I will - for Lucy...)
~That Night~
Fonzie<(I retire, Cunningham - make sure you lock up) (Yes, Fonzie)>Cunningham
Cunningham                     SharkSharkShark<(OK boys, we're in! Let's do this!)
(This way, boys!)>SharkSharkShark                                    ( :( I am the Judas of Milwaukee)>Cunningham
* CRASH * HAVE AT THEE! * TRASH *          Cunningham<(!)
Fonzie             Cunningham<(Fonzie! You're alive!)
Fonzie<(I'll have you know, I haven't completely lost my touch Cunningham!)
(Now get your sewing machine out - I want 3 sharkskin suits pronto)>Fonzie Cunningham<(Yes, sir!)


  • "Richie" was originally misspelt "Ritchie" in this episode, it wasn't until much later that Co realised he had spelt it wrong due to Cunningham rarely being called by his first name. The only other time is was used, and also misspelled was in Identity.

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