Ersatz Bootleg
Ersatz bootleg front cover
The CamPanulas
Released 27th September, 2007
Recorded 2007
Length 21:55
Pogo Dirtwad's Aural Catastrophe
Songs from the Seabed

The first CamPanulas release is a "live" EP, recorded in Co's living room in a single take and with a fake audience added.


  1. Katzma Records Inc. (live)
  2. Just Like Leeroy Jenkins (live)
  3. You're Worth a Masterball (live)
  4. Holographic Snow (live)
  5. Radio Choice (live)
  6. Life on Mars (sucks) (live)
  7. Lacrosse (live)
Ersatz bootleg back cover

The back cover with Radio Choice missing.

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