Episode Thirty-One
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Created by Co McPhee
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


Fonzie<(CUNNINGHAM! Where is the child? CUNN-ING-HAM!!)
(Husband? Why you makeum heap big noise?)>Olsen   Fonzie<(I want Cunningham! I want French Toast!)
(For many moons, Mary-Kate tries to tell her warrior this. Cunningham gone!)>Olsen
(Gone? WHY!)>Fonzie Olsen<(You fire-um! How many moons must pass before you understand?)
(Well, where is he now?)>Fonzie Olsen<(Me not know. All me know is me want you to hire new help)
(Mary-Kate not like-um housework. Softens cuticles)>Olsen Fonzie<(Fine!)
-And So-
(What makes you think you're worthy to serve the Fonz?)>Fonzie Pedobear
(I'm good with people... I have extensive experience... I like being submissive...)>Pedobear
(You're hired!)>Fonzie   Pedobear<(Sweet! So you have how many children?)

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