The various works of Co Fiori-McPhee, such as Life with Lamarr and Pingu Parody Party, or even Co himself have connections to web comics by other people.

Chris' GMod ComicEdit

  • Guest comics - Two Life with Lamarr guest comics: Headcrab Lost and Misunderstood.
  • GMod creations - Used the "Plummet" map and a broadsword, both created by Co.

NSFW ComixEdit

  • Guest comics - Three NSFW guest comics by Co himself: Classic Cartoon Fuckery #3, Get Your Rocks Off! and Go-See The Doctor.
  • The Pengxorcist - A fan/guest episode of Pingu Parody Party, while Co is co-credited with making the episode Cybersp0nge was entirely responsible for it's creation. Cybersp0nge did however ask Co for his blessings which he happily gave as he knew Sp0nge's take on it would be lulzy and he didn't have any rights to the characters to withhold use of them.
  • Cybersp0nge - For the Illemonati compilation album Excruciatingly Brief Segments of Amassed Consciousness: Music for People With No Attention Sp, Co created a CamPanulas song about the author of NSFW Comix. The song was later reused as a bonus track on the album Fizziks Enjinn.
  • Cuthwald Sightings - In 2008 NSFW started the "Death of Cuthwald" storyline in which one of the main characters called Cuthwald was presumed death after being sucked into a "Pornado". Later in 2009 while Cuthwald was still presumed dead he was added as an Easter egg to a few Life with Lamarr comics in Book Four. These stopped when Cuthwald was revealed to have survived the "Pornado". In a later NSFW comic featuring the character Manly Man, shows Manly Man reading a newspaper which shows a report on Cuthwald's death and dismissing sightings of him in City 17.
  • Cybersp0nge is missing - At the end of the Cybersp0nge is missing storyline there was a list of credits in which Co is listed as the Legal Advisor.
  • Angel Lamarr - Soon after Lamarr was killed, an angel headcrab appeared during a heavenly chorus sequence in NSFW.

Zombeh MastrEdit

  • The Creator - The creator of the comic is Co's stepson.

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