Comics from the Mind of Co was a catch-all title for Co's comic-strips website, based on the mild pun created by the URL It was originally the home of Life with Lamarr as it was intended to run three very different comic strips on the same site. This idea was abandoned as Life with Lamarr rose in popularity and it became obvious there weren't enough hours in the day to keep three strips going. is a redirect and not a domain name, so has been used since to point to various specific content for the purposes of advertising. However, since it is now at a loose end and since Co has now become the cartoonist for Gazzer, the mascot for Hertfordshire newspaper "The Hemel Hempstead and Tring Gazette", permission was obtained from the editor so that was the home of Gazzer's archive and any other illustrative work that would fall within the same family-safe bracket.

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