Chris Urquhart (AKA GeodesicDragon) was born in Perth, Scotland on August 25th, 1987. He makes his own GMod comic (which is simpy called Chris' GMod Comic) and has also made a few guest comics for LWL.

He is an avid World of Warcraft player.

Contributions to LWLEdit

  • Chris designed the logo for the CWL Wiki.
  • Chris made Episode 59 of LWL, called Headcrab Lost.
  • Chris made Episode 93 of LWL, called Misunderstood, starring Odessa Cubbage.
  • Chris made Episode 192 of LWL, called Life with Horatio.
  • Chris has also given Co McPhee the occasional tip on how to use HTML (but is mindful of how well designed the LWL site is compared to his own).

Chris' GMod ComicEdit

Unlike LWL, Chris' GMod Comic (CGMC for short) is not a story-driven comic. Most of the comics on CGMC are single gag strips. There was one storyline, Exodus of the Peons, but Chris thinks it sucks because he put little effort into it's planning. The current CGMC storyline, Sal and Lars, has had more thought and planning put into it. It is currently five episodes long, with Chris hoping to make the whole storyline 14-20 episodes long (depending on questions raised).

See AlsoEdit

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