Episode Fourty-Eight
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Release date 10th August 2010
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
Link Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


(BRRR CHATTER)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Cunningham! Stop your teeth chattering before I have each and every one of them executed!)
(I can't help it Fonzie - I'm so c-c-cold!)>Cunningham
Fonzie<(Well you should have th-th-thought of that before you lo-lo-lost my domicile, you nincompoop!)
(Can I share some bodily warmth with you, Fonzie?)>Cunningham Fonzie<((MIND EXPLODES))
((WHAT!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(Y'know, we cuddle up to keep warm!)
(I would rather cuddle a leprous slime mould than allow YOU to touch me, Cunningham!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(But we'll freeze to death!)
(Then SO MOTE IT BE!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(Gee whizz!)
Fonzie           Cunningham
(I suppose it IS rather cold)>Fonzie
(Cunningham?)>Fonzie     Cunningham<(YES, Fonzie???)
Fonzie<(Set yourself ablaze at once. And break out the marshmallows) Cunningham
Cunningham<(Yes Fonzie! I only hope the smell of my burning flesh does not offend your delicate nose!) Fonzie<(Use petrol, idiot)

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