Episode Fourty-Nine
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Release date 13th August 2010
Created by Co Fiori-McPhee
Link Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


(I tire of this exterior nonsense, Cunningham)>Fonzie Cunningham
(Run me a bath with plenty of 'Matey' and grill a young oxen)>Fonzie Cunningham<(I can't!)
(You DARE disobey?!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(We don't have any of those things... we're homeless!)
Fonzie<(The Fonz? Homeless? Am I now then to wear three overcoats each more louse-ridden than the last?)
(Am I to let my jet-black locks become an amalgamated lump with small stones embedded?)>Fonzie
Fonzie<(Must I then develop a mental instability and hurl abuse at bus queues who desperately pretend I don't exist?)
(Afraid so, Fonzie)>Cunningham Fonzie<(A fiddle stick's end!)
(Much as it sticks in my craw, get that Olsen woman to bail us out)>Fonzie Cunningham<(But she left...!)
(I see)>Fonzie
(Then all I can do... is accept my fate)>Fonzie
~ 25 minutes later ~
BusstopSharkSharkSharkShark                      Fonzie<(BLLARR look at you all, waiting for public transport! I despise you heartily! BLLAARRRR!!)

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