Bazza and Gazza
Placeholder person
Series Life with Lamarr
First appearance Requiem for a Headcrab
Appearances Book Three: Land Sakes
Book Four: The House of Longfigger
"What say you and I sit it out here like bezzies and scull a few Speighties?" - Gazza

Bazza and Gazza are a pair of laid-back, chummy, and effectively identical Combine Overwatch Soldiers who spout Australasian idioms as they go about their Combinely duties with a "she'll be jake" attitude. They first appeared in the non-canon guest strip Requiem for a Headcrab by New Zealander Andrew Kepple. Bazza and Gazza's implied New Zealand heritage was confirmed when they were adopted into Life with Lamarr canon in episode 142, Up Yer Pipe, which, according to Half-Life continuity, would take place before the guest comic. In episode 144, The Gross Episode, they longed to return to their homeland, which they nicknamed "the big green shelia [sic]". In these episodes their butchered combination of New Zealand English and Australian English quickly deteriorates into a satirical "dog NZ English", with gratuitous, exaggerated colloquialisms that would surpass even the patriotic jabberings of Odessa Cubbage, were they only more culturally accurate.

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