Artist The CamPanulas
Album The White Albumen
Length 3:06
Songs on The White Albumen
The White Albumen
  1. 2d8
  2. Welcome to CamPanulaville
  3. Freda
  4. Jason MEGATRON Burrows
  5. 100 Square Miles of Rubik's Cube
  6. Who is Justin Bailey?
  7. Hep Cats & Bee's Knees
  8. There's a Blizzard Outside
  9. Where are all the Happy Cats?
  10. Song ~TEN~
  11. Creamsicle
  12. Milkshake


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Hello children everywhere, it's the beginning of another The CamPanula day.

Bye then G, you're gone
To the Astral Plane
Failed your saving roll

How's the great beyond?
Is it quite the same
As the one you made?

Ten million geeks will miss you
Ten million geeks farewell
Their founder father is no more

Do the rivers flow with Tab there?
Baked snacks on every tree?
Half-elven rangers by the score?

And now wheree're you wander
Wherever that may be
Ten million geeks recall your name
Your name
Your name
Your name

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