Episode Fourty
Series Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Release date 12th February 2010
Created by Co McPhee
Link Twisted Fonzie Theatre
Twisted Fonzie Theatre Episode guide


Cunningham (The Fonz wishes to relax, Cunningham - kindly put a repeat of Happy Days on the televisual device)>Fonzie
Cunningham<(erm - OK) Fonzie
Cunningham * fiddle * surf * Fonzie
(Come now, Cunningham! Why this delay!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(I... er...)
(It's just...)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Well? WELL?)
(Well, it seems that nobody is broadcasting Happy Days right now)>Cunningham Fonzie<(((WHAT?!)))
(How many channels did you check, you freckled worthless pumpion!)>Fonzie Cunningham<(All 126, I swear!)
(Well, what is on?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(Star Trek?)
(It's the 'Bread and Circuses' episode)>Cunningham Fonzie<(FINE!)
(There you go)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Cunningham...)
(Do mine eyes deceive me, or is Slave Number Three being played by GIL PERKINS?)>Fonzie Cunningham<(Sick)
(So sorry, Fonzie! Look, I've changed channel! It's The Man from U.N.C.L.E, look!)>Cunningham Fonzie<(He's playing "Boris" now!)
(Bonanza is on - oh darn! There he is again!)>Cunningham Fonzie<(Is there anything the man isn't in? DAMN YOU PERKINS! DAMN YOU!)
(You called, Winkler?)>Gil Fonzie<(Who let you in? And how are you on every single channel?)
(Unlike you, Mister Typecast, GIL PERKINS cast his net wide! I saturate the airwaves!)>Gil
Fonzie<(Yes, as faceless nobodies in crowds!) (It matters not - my influence is all-pervading!)>Gil
(Look, it's How the West was Won)>Cunningham Gil<("Uncredited Henchman", I think you'll find. Ah ha - AH HA HA HA!) Fonzie<(Mad)

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